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Charter Change and the Threats to Our Democratic Institutions

In one of the lectures featured in the Talakayang Alay sa Bayan (TALAB), a one-day event featuring lectures, workshops, and guided tours for the students and alumni of the Ateneo de Manila University held last October 14, Atty Christian S. Monsod spoke about the threats posed by charter change to our democratic institutions. JJCICSI sponsored the lecture.

Amending the 1987 Constitution, specifically to pave way for a shift to a federal form of government, has been high on the agenda of the Duterte administration. However, for Atty Monsod, a member of the 1987 Constitutional Commission, addressing the challenge of development can be done without overhauling the Constitution but by implementing its provisions on social justice, human rights, and local autonomy.

The full paper can be downloaded here.