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IQF: #YouthChallenge: Participate and Change the Face of Politics

The voice of the youth is vital in governance and socio-political discourses, not only because the
future belongs to them, but also because they are key partners in building our nation. As Pope Francis said, “Dear young people, you are not the future but the now…” This statement recognizes the treasures—talents, energies, new ideas—that young people can contribute, if given the chance, to the lives of our Church, society, and politics.

The Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) is one of the concrete ways that the youth can contribute to bringing change in their communities and the country. However, do the youth understand the essence and history of SK? How can they use this understanding to meaningfully participate in politics
and governance? Is it possible to transform the “dirty” face of politics through their involvement in SK and the youth activities in their barangays?

In this issue of the Intersect Quick Facts (IQF), let us get to know the SK by looking back at its history, scrutinizing the myths associated with it and knowing the legal bases and facts to correct any misconstrued perceptions, and by sharing examples showing how meaningful youth
participation in governance is possible. This IQF issue will also present challenges and points for reflection for the youth, especially as they prepare for the coming SK elections.

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