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Family Life


Through research, advocacy, and direct services, the Family Life Program assists the Catholic Church in addressing the social and spiritual needs of Filipino families, especially those in underprivileged communities.
Specifically, the program aims to:

  • Influence Church and State policy on issues affecting population and family life through systematic research on acceptability and effectiveness of natural family planning methods;
  • Work with government and non-government agencies to promote research and advocacy for juvenile justice; and
  • Assist families in urban poor communities through the Pag-asa ng Pamilya Program which runs three direct service programs that are intended not only to help the families but also to develop and promote best practices:
    – Sagip Bata Program which helps feed malnourished children
    – Landas ng Pag-asa Educational Scholarship Program which helps underprivileged students pursue their education
    – TAHANAN program which helps couples make intelligent decisions on how to plan their families using natural family planning methods.