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IQF: #YouthChallenge: Participate and Change the Face of Politics

The voice of the youth is vital in governance and socio-political discourses, not only because the future belongs to them, but also because they are key partners in building our nation. As Pope Francis said, “Dear young people, you are not the future but the now…” This statement recognizes the…

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IQF: Shifting gears in urban transport toward climate resilience

The transport sector is the third largest contributor of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the Philippines according to the Climate Change Commission (De Vera-Ruiz 2020). It also accounts for almost a third, or 26%, of energy-related CO₂ emissions (Climate Transparency 2020). Of this sector, road-based transportation dominates the share of…

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IQF: Charter Change: At What Cost?

Even if President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said that Charter change (Cha-cha) is not a priority of his administration, his allies in the House of Representatives continued their deliberation on proposals to amend the 1987 Constitution. Why do they want to amend our Constitution? They want to loosen some restrictions…

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Pakikilakbay at Pakikipagkapwa: Conversations on Faith and Compassionate Approaches to Drugs

On March 21, 2023, ICSI spearheaded a workshop for the Ateneo de Manila University’s 2023 Talakayang Alay sa Bayan (TALAB) Event entitled, “Pakikilakbay at Pakikipagkapwa: Conversations on Faith and Compassionate Approaches to Drugs.” The workshop, attended by xx students, served as an initial pilot run for ICSI’s conversation guide and…

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Ang Tunay na Pag-move on at Pagpapatawad

Paggunita sa Ika-50 Taon ng Pagdedeklara ng Martial Law ni Dating Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. Limampung taon pagkatapos ng pagdedeklara ng Martial Law ni dating Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos, Sr., noong ika-21 ng Setyembre 1972, marami ang nagsasabing dapat na tayong mag-move on, na ibaon na sa limot ang nakaraan upang…

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Empowered, connected, and respected: how harm reduction can help drug-using women

High-risk behaviors such as using illegal drugs have been one of the common causes of women’s coming into conflict with the law. In the Philippines, the antidrug campaign has resulted in more individuals, women included, getting apprehended, incarcerated, and, in some cases, treated inhumanely and unjustly. As part of the…

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