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Month: May 2017

Philippine Jesuits on the Recent Violence in Marawi and the Imposition of Martial Law

26 May 2017 Subject: Recent Violence in Marawi and the Imposition of Martial Law The recent terrorist attacks in Marawi City, not to mention so many other reports of ongoing violence in Mindanao, can only be a source of deep sadness. An annual gathering of the moderate Tablig-i Jema-ah was…

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Is the death penalty the answer?

The restoration of the death penalty is one of the major legislative priorities of the Duterte administration. In this issue of Intersect Quick Facts, we present a timeline of the death penalty in the Philippines, interrogate myths about it, proffer alternative strategies, and cite organizations promoting restorative justice. Click the…

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Shepherding When the Sheep are Being Slaughtered

About a year ago, on May 9, 2016, the Filipino people–or at least, 16 million of them, about 39 percent of the electorate–entrusted our nation to a strange shepherd. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte came to power promising to protect the innocent by spilling the blood of the guilty: criminals, especially…

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